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This mobile restroom trailer is a portable facility that offers proper sanitary restroom resources in various locations. Where traditional plumbing infrastructure is unavailable or insufficient for outdoor activities, events, construction sites, or disaster relief efforts, you can use this porta-potty rental mobile unit for a temporary arrangement.


  • It comes with two private entrances.
  • Decorates with foot-flushing toilet bowls
  • For proper hygiene, these units come with sinks with running water and soap for washing hands.
  • Adequate lighting and ventilation systems are installed to boost visibility and sustain the fresh atmosphere inside the restroom.
  • They are crafted with modern and advanced features like waterless urinals, stainless steel sinks, faux wood flooring, etc. 


  • Height
  • Length: 18′ (23′ 5″ w/tongue)
  • Width: 8′ 6″
  • Water Source: Hose Hook-up or 200 gals Self Contained
  • Waste Holding Tank Capacity: 700 gal
  • Accommodates: Up to 300 to 400 Guests

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